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    In 1854, Wilhelm Kempe, 26, and his sister Auguste, 20, left their native Kingdom of Saxony, part of today's Germany, for a new home in Texas, becoming new immigrants to America.
Remaining in the Germany were their aging, widowed father, a 10-year-old sister, and an 8-year-old brother – people who struggled for decades to reconcile their lives in the Old World with that of their relatives in the New World.Their translated-to-English letters to Wilhelm tell, often painfully, of the emotional toll this disruption, which is part of the experience of all immigrants to America, took on the lives of family and friends who remained in Europe. (Click here to see video trailer.) 
What reviewers say

    " Shows the pressure they received -- and resisted -- from their German relatives to end their American 'holiday' and return home to Germany."      -- Galveston Daily News (Oct. 4, 2009)

    "Documents the tremendous disruption that ... emigration brought to those who remained in [Europe] ... not only did emigration affect European immigrants ... but it also affected the lives of loved ones left behind for decades."         -- Southwestern Historical Quarterly (October 2009)

What readers say

    " Very engrossing and poignant ... having a peek into the lives of those left behind in Germany was very interesting and very enlightening."     -- Jon T.K., Washington State

    " ... reflects the tension between home family and immigrant family ... makes that pathos come alive."     -- Scott Baird, Professor Emeritus, Applied Linguistics, Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas) 

"Grasshoff’s research puts the correspondence in context with a thorough description of events ... that impacted the lives of family members on both sides of the Atlantic ... a welcome addition ..."        -- Elaine T., Texas 

    "Amazing tale of a family ... and the world they left behind in Germany. Don't be fooled, this book isn't about lineage, it is about so much more."       -- Shelly C., Texas

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                                     German immigration to Texas and other states ... and the untold story 
                                               of its effects on family members left behind in Europe

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