Educated as a journalist, and with more than three decades of experience as an editor, writer, and proofreader, I have the knowledge, skill, and judgment you need. Helping you ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy for your written message is my goal.
   During my career, I've edited many hundreds of reports and other documents. I've written many dozens of news releases, position papers, and other items. I've also researched, written, and marketed two highly regarded nonfiction books and more than 30 freelance articles.
   Specialty areas include government, especially the Texas Legislature; higher education; public education; the oil and gas industry; science; Texas, American, and European history; and college football.
   My experience includes 23 years in media relations, too. 
What others say … about Ray’s editing and writing services  

   “He's extremely talented, provides timely and constructive editorial feedback, has a way with constructive criticism, and really eases the informational flow process. His support and assistance was invaluable. I highly recommend him as both a writer and editor.”
    -- Desiree K-B., Hill Country ECS-Research & Consulting  

   “Ray met the high expectations I had of him based upon his reputation. I will use Ray in the future and strongly recommend him to others.”    -- Lee H., Texas Higher Education Policy Institute  

   “As an experienced writer/editor, Ray is particularly adept at understanding the intended audience for any material he is editing, ensuring that the written word is not only grammatically correct and logically presented, but is sensitive in tone to those audiences. Ray provides feedback about the content of a document/report in such a way that is respectful of the expertise of the author with the goal of assisting the author in improving how or what is communicated in the written word.”   
-- Lynette H., College Readiness Initiatives, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
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Ray Grasshoff

Editor - Writer - Author
Ensuring clarity, consistency, and accuracy for your written message ...


Editing and Writing Services

 Ray offers editing and writing services to agencies, associations, and others.

 He offers proofreading services to court reporters. 

Ray Grasshoff
Austin, Texas  

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